Memorable Quotes From G.W. North

Below are some quotes from G.W. North (Mr. North).

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"True preaching is prophetic, i.e. The preacher must know that he is indwelt by the Spirit of prophecy and know that he is being used of God."

"It seems that no revival or move of the Spirit ever has, or ever will accomplish the Herculean task of breaking the denominational hold."

"The river of water of life of New Jerusalem is flowing down on to this earth, the gates of pearl are open here, the golden street lies just beyond for every man, let the nations be invited to enter, the time is now and the kingdom of heaven is at hand."

"God's gospel is all about sonship through the grace of the Father and the Son, the Father to give, the Son to die, and the Spirit for life, human-divine life for the sons of God."

"The early church did not have a Bible to read or to study, but they knew how to pray. Prayer was before the Bible was."

"...the Blood of Jesus speaks in Mount Zion where the glorious Christ mediates the Holy Spirit in unending love to bring us all back up into the image of God. The blood of sprinkling speaks to God and His answer is the outpoured Spirit. Where the Spirit dwelleth no protection is needed, for the Spirit is as the Blood and Him Who shed it. He is the Spirit of the life in Christ Jesus, even the life that was in the Blood, the exact life. Being filled with the Spirit I am filled with all that the Blood stands for; there is no difference, none at all. Now I have no need to find a form of speech for the Blood, instead I have the name. Jesus was the name given to that man of flesh and blood, and when I both bear and use it in all propriety and power, it carries all the virtue and meaning of the Blood to whatever need I have."

"The Holy Ghost has been demoted, the Holy Ghost has been rejected, by enlarge by the churches, in favour of Jesus! ...

The Holy Ghost has not come to take the place of Jesus and take the place in your heart that Jesus ought to have. Of course He hasn't. But He has come, beloved, you see, and in this great effort to keep Jesus before our eyes and hearts, we've been put off the great person of the Holy Spirit.

May God bring us all back here, beloved. For we've got to come back into this place. What we've got to be very careful about is that we don't resist the Spirit. We do it quite ignorantly."

"People don't get filled with the Holy Ghost because they won't submit to being baptised by Jesus.

They'll say 'Jesus save me', 'Jesus forgive me', 'Jesus blot out all my sins', 'Jesus let me go to heaven when I died', 'Jesus let Thy blood speak for me'. Well what for? That blood is speaking for you the right to be filled with the Holy Spirit. That's what the blood is speaking for - the right to be filled with the Holy Ghost! Wonderful! And they will never be filled with the Spirit because they will not submit to Jesus baptising them with the Holy Ghost."

"Faith, faith, and faith isn't some sporadic, spasmodic leap unto a position that you briefly hang onto like someone jumping up and getting hold of the parallel bar and hanging onto it for five minutes and dropping off. But faith is something that is like the swelling and surging of the flood of Noah's waters, bearing up the Ark.

Faith is something that often a man is not conscious of exercising.

Faith is something that I find, and testify to you, comes in the Spirit, it is a fruit of the Spirit - this kind of faith. It isn't something that I have to churn-up inside me in order to hang on for two minutes like the women who came and found healing on the robe of Christ. Touch and away! So vivid and powerful was the glory of Christ that she got what she was after. But Oh, faith as God means it it something that comes - this is my testimony to you - it isn't that a man becomes a great believer, it is what - I testify to you - it is something that comes over me and rises in me, and fills my being and consciousness that I can't think of anything else but the particular thing that's got to be done. And it's done!

"Must have great faith?" - get that idea out of your head - it's all in the Spirit!"

"I guarantee to you beloved, that if you will drink of the Spirit... and come off churchianity and religious stuff - and come off all that, and drink of the Holy Ghost, you'll enter into all the fulness of that which is issuing from the throne, and God will become the Lord God Almighty of your life."

“Our salvation is a glorious experience of the wondrous person of Jesus! AMEN!!

That blessed sinless humanity. That marvelous man who never once submitted to the devil. Who never once was defeated in battle. Who never once gave in under the pressures of sin.

Who ..was so mighty, that He Himself could bear our sicknesses, and His health overcame all of them.


And He could take our death, and His life swallowed it up! And He could meet our enemies and in single-handed grace He could blight them all!

And this is that, that has been taken up to heaven and is now being poured out into us in measureless, boundless glory, by the person of the Holy Spirit. And His kingdom lies in [within] the Holy Ghost.”

"There comes a time when Jesus Christ proffers us His blood not to cover us – not to cover us. I don’t want anybody ever to pray that prayer… if you pray that, if it’s in your vocabulary, then get rid of it! If you’re going to be in this New Covenant you’ve got to drink the blood – DRINK IT! DRINK IT! Glory!

Bless God. That cup is still held in the Holy Ghost – it can be held to any lip that wants to drink it.

Jesus… the One who came and gave you a hope of Life Eternal, by giving you new blood, and giving you a new hereditary! Hallejujah! For sin comes by hereditary. Amen! It comes by hereditary, beloved.

COVERED WITH THE BLOOD! – THE BLOOD OF GOD WAS NEVER SHED TO COVER ANYTHING! It was shed that it might be caught in that cup of the Holy Ghost, that we may drink it. Drink it, drink it, until we drink it with sensibility and understanding, and know what God is about in it!

TO CHANGE US, beloved, TO CHANGE US FROM THE INFERNAL SEED TO THE ETERNAL SEED OF GOD. That’s what it’s all about. That we might know that we can live a soul-life that’s not under the workings of indwelling sin (the inherited quality). So that we can know, beloved, we have inherited the glorious strain of life that’s known in the Godhead. Yes! That’s known in the Father, and in the Son, and in the Holy Ghost. Blessed be the name of the Lord. …you and I can inherit the life of the Sinless Man."

(From the message - The Blood of Christ in the New Covenant)

“The first time that blood is mentioned in the Bible, the idea of drinking and not sprinkling was there; that the earth opened her mouth to receive the blood of Abel. ...we are to drink the New Covenant, and not degrade the precious blood by talking about sprinkling it here, there, and everywhere – using it as a talisman – instead of internally drinking in the life, and glory, and wonder, and marvels, of the soul of Jesus Christ. Amen. Once we do that we have no need to do the other thing. Praise His name. It was because they couldn’t do that in the Old Testament that they had to do the other thing. God save us from being copyists of the Old Covenant people who never knew any better.”

A woman's head-covering is to be worn as a sign to her and her husband or father and to all men, as well as to God and the angels and satan also. It indicates that in much the same way as a body is unavoidably under its head when rightly related to it, she also joyfully confesses herself to be under her husband or father, it is a confession that she, in common with all, is under the elders of the church, and therefore under Christ, who Himself is under God.

This is no hardship where love abounds. Instead it is a delight, for it shews the correctness of the union between male and female, husband and wife, or daughter and father if she be not married.

By this she declares to all men her personal chastity and faithfulness and chastity and faithfulness of the Church to Christ.

More than all these, in the way that God has appointed, she shews forth and promises Him that the mischief wrought in the human race by Eve's insubjection to Adam and therefore to God shall not be repeated in the Church.

(From the book - A Sign of Authority)

"Salvation, once granted, is a continuous experience which can only be accomplished as that man continues in the faith, that is, lives by faith. The first act of faith is an act of appropriation. Thereby forgiveness of sins and justification, both from God, are granted to a man through the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ: this must lead to a life of faith or else it is not valid."

(From the book - Faith)

"Elijah... the prophet is a greatly admired man among us to this day, but great as he was, and however greatly we admire him and seek to emulate his faith, we shall miss the greatest lesson of all if we overlook the fact that everything sprang from his spiritual insight into the ground of truth in God, Like David and Abraham, and perhaps an unnamed host of others, he was a man who understood that the visible altar was but a symbol of a spiritual principle of God’s life"

(From the book - The Eternal Sacrifice of God)

"Jesus Christ did everything as a Man by the same means by which men like you and I can do. He was born of the Spirit; anointed by the Spirit; full of the Spirit; led by the Spirit; and by the Spirit [was] victorious over that great opposing spirit, the devil."

"The man to whom the word of God comes, though he be clothed with a leathern girdle and camel skin and eat wild honey and locusts, will stand up as in heavenly palaces and become the flaming power of God to his generation."

(From the book - The Representative Man)

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