As a member of this community you must agree to our Community Standards

  1. Use your REAL name on your Profile.
  2. Ensure you upload a Profile image.
  3. Do not send spam.*
  4. Ensure you are courteous and respectful toward other members and staff.
  5. No sexually explicit** material may be uploaded to the community or posted on profiles.
  6. Do not use profanities, not all people use them and may be offended by them.
  7. Do not advertise on this website unless you have first obtained permission.
  8. Do not ask for money from other members, including asking for donations to your or another's cause.

If posting links to outside websites please ensure they are secure 🔒.

These standards may be updated at any time and without notice.

Unsolicited messages and postings.

**   Sexually explicit  means any form of sexual activity, sexualised images or nudity.

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