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@john-d • 3 weeks ago

According to my understanding the church is blessed to have a YouTube preacher like Keith Malcomson for such a time as this.

Here are 6 vital messages concerning the soon to be released horsemen of Revelation.  I don't think there is a 7th to come this Sunday but I cannot rule out a postscript.  He has other excellent sermons but start here.

Please, please, please take the time to at least hear the first 2 or 3 and then you will want to go on to all.  Keith is very knowledgeable and aware of both history and the present. v=KaoI4scLP-I v=-tGeQRjI4aI v=5Za-06W6uyc v=Wi-qUKVL2Hg v=HEv7Mg8vBUs v=1J3nY59ODH8

Please pray for him as well, John.