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The Power of the Blood | Andrew Murray | Free Christian Audiobook

Category: Entertainment
Duration: 04:31:44
Audiobook Description:
Seek to enter more deeply into the perfect reconciliation with God, which is yours by the shed blood of Christ. Live by constantly exercising faith in the assurance that the blood cleanses from all sin and yield yourself to be sanctified and brought near to God through the blood; let it be your life-giving nourishment and power. You will thus have an unbroken experience of victory over Satan and his temptations. He who walks with God will rule as a conquering king over Satan.

Updated Edition. Jubilee Bible text. Used by permission.

Read by Saethon Williams.

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Opening Credits...00:00
Ch. 1: What the Scriptures Teach about the Blood...01:30
Ch. 2: Redemption by Blood...31:06
Ch. 3: Reconciliation Through the Blood...59:12
Ch. 4: Cleansing Through the Blood...01:23:33
Ch. 5: Sanctification Through the Blood...01:45:51
Ch. 6: Cleansed to Serve the Living God...02:12:32
Ch. 7: Dwelling in the Holiest...02:35:43
Ch. 8: Life in the Blood...03:14:15
Ch. 9: Victory through the Blood...03:37:31
Ch. 10: Heavenly Joy Through the Blood...04:04:33
About the Author...04:30:43


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